Máximo Quiles, Murcia Motorcycling promise visited our circuit.

Last March, Máximo Martínez Quiles, current driver of the Red Bull Rookies Cup competition, was at our circuit, working on preparing for the new season.

Máximo has been in the news recently for appearing alongside Marc Márquez at the Motorland circuit, participating in a day of joint training. As indicated in various media, the company created by Marc Márquez to manage the pilot’s rights has also taken over those of the Murcian pilot.

Máximo began competing in 2017 when he was proclaimed champion of Spain 4’2 mini motos and 4’2 cradle champions, motoDes mini 4’2, and of the Levante Cup 4’2.

In 2018, at only ten years old, he finished third in the Spanish Mini Gp 110 championship and was crowned as European Mini Gp O-160 champion.

In 2019, he won the Spanish Mini Gp 190 champion title and finished tenth in the Spanish Superbike Moto 4 Championship.

In 2021, he was part of the Team Honda Laglisse team, with which he competed and won the European Talent Cup at just 13 years old.1

In 2022, he competed for the first time in the MotoGP Rookies Cup, where he finished in third position in the 2022 edition, winning the last test held in Valencia.

Taking advantage of his visit, Máximo signed on our Wall of Champions.