Free rounds

If you have a pit bike, pit motard, supermotard, kart or similar and want to access our circuit, below we indicate the rates with which you can access it.

Access to high-displacement motorcycles (from 600cc) will require express authorization from the circuit management. By default, these motorcycles will be limited to technical training sessions and/or rides supervised by Piloting Schools and/or qualified personnel.

🔌 Attention! The use of electricity will have a cost of €5 per set of heaters. During the winter season, we cannot guarantee the availability of sufficient light points, so to ensure your supply, call us and reserve it in advance.

Track access fee
From Tuesday to Sunday 40€

Track hours: From 09:00 to 18:00.

Activity regulations.

Protections and mandatory accident insurance.

Keep in mind that in addition to the cost of access to the track, if you do not have it, you will have to purchase an individual or annual accident insurance. Here you have all the details.

It is mandatory to access the track with a helmet, suit (leather recommended), gloves and boots. If you don’t have, you can rent the equipment with us.

In addition, you must carry protections on your motorcycle on the footrests (Nylon preferably), and any container that can spill gasoline and/or oil on the track.


Exhausts without mufflers / dbkillers are prohibited, according to the 2020-2021 regulations. They may not exceed 95 decibels.

Access to the track will only be allowed with authorized or approved exhaust pipes. Examples of these escapes can be seen below:

In the case of 90cc motorcycles, the use of the following exhaust pipe will be permitted:

Use of the areas out of the track.

Gasoline and other chemicals present in your vehicle are highly corrosive. Therefore, we ask that you bring a spill collection mat for your motorcycle. Place your motorcycle on top of it during your day. We show you an example:

Outside the track, the maximum speed allowed within the circuit enclosure will be 20km/h.

Within the area designated for parking, the circulation of vehicles accessing the track is not allowed, as it is not under the protection of compulsory accident insurance. Behaviors that may put your safety or that of other people at risk, such as:

  • Drive at a speed greater than the maximum permitted 20km/h
  • Perform wheelies, stoppies and/or skids.
  • Strong acceleration and braking.
  • Annoyance due to high noise level (loud music, taking the motorcycle to the court, etc.)

They may cause your immediate expulsion from the facilities.