Introductory course to Pit Bikes

Do you want to get started in the world of pit bikes? Would you like to take a step forward in your riding by enjoying a day of practice on our circuit?

At the Yepes Motor Circuit we offer you a unique initiation experience to pit bikes that includes:

  • IMR 90cc motorcycle rental with mechanical service at all times. (you can bring your motorcycle if you prefer and save part of the cost)
  • Monitors with track experience who will help you take the steps you need.
  • Theoretical lessons and practices in a closed circuit.
  • Several accesses to the track where you can put into practice what you have learned in a closed circuit.
  • Unlimited accident insurance.

What will you get after completing the course?

The activity is focused so that all those who have never ridden a pit bike or who have little experience on it, take a step forward in their riding.

We want you to feel comfortable riding the bike, to increase your safety and confidence on the bike and to feel that you are capable of doing more with less effort.

After completing the initiation experience, if you have a street motorcycle, you will feel that you have increased your safety with it, and you have more tools to ride more comfortably.

What is done at the course?

  • Theoretical training on how to ride a pit bike, and good practices and tips to follow on the track.
  • Exercises on braking, corner entry, leaning and corner exit on a closed track with cones, where you will see how your confidence increases rapidly.
  • Outings to the track, where you can practice looking exercises, positioning on the bike, and how to overtake.
  • The duration of the event is approximately 4 hours.

How much does the course cost? How can I sign up?

The cost of the event is €190 if you have your own equipment.

If you do not have a suit, we will provide it to you along with the helmet, boots and gloves, and we will rent it all for €25 more, depositing an additional €50 deposit that will be returned in full once the activity is over, as long as when the equipment has been used properly and has not been damaged. Check with us if we have your size.

To sign up, you must contact us at 649.20.84.56. where we will reserve your place.

Is there a minimum requirement?

You must be at least 14 years old. It is not necessary to have a driving license but you have to know how to ride a motorcycle, even basic notions such as maintaining balance, accelerating and braking.

And what happens if it rains that day?

If the event cannot be held due to weather conditions, do not worry, we will post it on a new date.

Conditions to accept when doing the course with us.

  • At all times, the instructions provided by the facility staff and/or monitors must be attended to and followed regarding the correct use of the vehicle and the appropriate rules of coexistence on the track.
  • The track marshals may issue a black flag to drivers who engage in behavior that puts their safety or that of other participants at risk. By doing this, they will indicate to the pilot the immediate abandonment of the current round. If the behavior is repeated, a second black flag implies the end of the activity and the impossibility of continuing to ride on the track.
    • Failure to respect the yellow flags that inform of a danger on the track, for which the pilots must exercise extreme caution, will lead to the immediate sanction of a black flag for the pilot in question.
  • Repeated misuse of the vehicle may be grounds for immediate cancellation of the rental. The circuit staff will ensure correct use of the vehicle throughout the day. Examples of these behaviors can be:
    • Taking the motorcycle to the engine speed cut-off for prolonged periods without making the appropriate gear changes.
    • Perform extreme gear reductions, taking the engine to the limit of its capacity.
    • Leaving the motorcycle lying on the ground, instead of using its corresponding stand.
    • etc
  • In the event of a fall, regardless of its severity, the rider must leave the track so that the circuit staff can inspect the motorcycle and verify that it is in perfect condition to continue riding. This implies the loss of the current round.
  • Damage caused by a fall will be deducted from the deposit/guarantee. If the rider wishes to continue riding after a fall in which damage has been caused to the motorcycle, a new deposit/bond must be paid to cover the damage from a possible new fall.
  • The consumption of alcohol and/or narcotic substances during the sporting activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Each participant accepts and understands the risks inherent in the risky activity of driving a motorcycle on a circuit and is ultimately responsible for what may happen to them.
  • By renting the vehicle, the user accepts the conditions described here.